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Can you briefly describe the Company?

Medicine House is a professionally managed, leading company in India specializing in international trade of pharmaceuticals.Co-operation of foreign Principals and an established network of distributors within and outside India M+H functions as sourcing point for Wholesale Pharmaceuticals and Comparator Drugs for various markets in the world.

When was Medicine House established?

Medicine + House was founded in 1987 as a pharmaceutical distributing company.

Where is Medicine House located?

Medicine + House in based out of capital city of New Delhi in India. M+H has associate distribution offices in USA, UK, Turkey, EU, Japan and Thailand.

What are the main business activities of Medicine House?

Medicine + House practices the following activities in licensed worldwide wholesale of pharmaceuticals: International Wholesale, Comparator Drugs Supply, Contract Manufacturing and Strategic Warehousing.

What are your main product lines?

Medicine + House supplies a broad range of pharmaceuticals including agents for Cardiovascular & Metabolic, Oncology, Central Nervous System, Respiratory & Immunology, General Medicine and Vaccine.

What is the benefit from Indian pharmaceutical industry?

The Indian pharmaceutical industry produces pharmaceuticals as per international standards and most of the leading manufacturing companies have approvals from the US FDA and the EU Drug Authority for their products and manufacturing facilities.  Incidentally, India has the highest number of the USFDA approved manufacturing sites in the world today.

Whats documents does Medicine House supply with its products?

Medicine + House supplies products with complete Pedigree Documentation and Manufacturer's Certificate of Analysis.

Which steps are taken to prevent counterfeit products entering from your supply channel?

Our professional and experienced warehouse staff follows GSP (Good Storage Practices) & GDP (Good Distribution Practices). All receipts in the warehouse are quarantined until their pedigree documents and physical assessment is not
cleared by the warehouse manager.

What about comparator drugs and clinical trials?

Medicine + House is a leading supplier of Comparator Drugs for Clinical Trials and Research Projects to pharmaceutical companies, CROs and clinical trial packaging companies across the world.(

What is the Medicine House Guarantee?

Medicine + House provides tailor made solutions ensuring complete compliance in sourcing precisely and cost effectively with documented prompt deliveries including Cold Chain products with data loggers and specialty  pharmaceuticals that require special handling and packaging.

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